Wednesday, September 2, 2009

House Hunting Blues!

Yes, we have had 3 full days of house hunting and still haven't found one yet!!! (I know Sarah, it seems crazy...but it's true!) Tomorrow is day 4, and I am hopeful (sort of). We have narrowed it down to 3, but of course, have found something wrong with all 3. Therefore, we are looking at more houses tomorrow! Thank goodness we are only renting...if we were buying, we would be here a month! Nonetheless, the movers will be taking our stuff in a week, so we have to find a house by Friday!

Hopefully, I will be back on here tomorrow with great news that we found our house! (Fingers are crossed!)


  1. My fingers a crossed for you! I hope you find something you great! The good thing too is that you'll be there for less than a year! Then JAPAN =] Love Sarah G

  2. So glad you started a blog!!! You will love addicting!!! Glad to hear things are going well.