Thursday, February 25, 2010

How many kisses is too much?

I am soooooo in love! My sister’s baby is the most precious thing I have ever seen, and on top of that, she is incredibly sweet! It has been such a blessing being able to spend time with this new little addition to our family. I have held her as much as I was allowed to (yes, for some reason, I had to share!!!) and showered her with kisses almost every second! Her skin is soft and fresh, her scent is sweet, and even her little cry is cute…

I just love babies; they are one of God’s precious blessings! I know she isn’t mine, but yes, I have already asked if I could have her! (Ironically my sister said no!) Being her aunt will have to be enough for now!

Funny story I have to share… The other day I was changing Sloane out of her nightgown and into her day clothes. (Of course clothes are my obsession and playing dress-up is a favorite past time of mine, so it is not surprising that I love dressing the little Diva up! And let me tell you, since she already has so much hair, I have put a bow in her hair every day!) As I was changing her, something fell on the ground with a thud. I looked down and noticed it was her umbilical cord! Of course I ran in the other room (with Sloane in my arms no less) and told my sister who was in the shower getting ready. I informed her I would put it on top of her dresser, and that’s where I left it. On a side note, the nurse had closed a clamp around the end of the cord before it was cut and forgot to take it off. None of us could get the clamp open, so it stayed on the end of the cord. So when my sister comes in the room tonight and asks me where I put the piece of the umbilical cord that was attached to the clamp, I was curious what she was talking about! Apparently, her dog Lilly (a weimaraner) got up on the dresser, opened the clamp (even though none of us could) and ate the cord, leaving the clamp on the floor by her bed! DISGUSTING!!! We all laughed so hard and Lilly just looked at us like we were crazy! EWWW!

Here some photos of the "Little Diva"....enjoy:

Shae's big o'l belly days before Sloane arrived...

She had the "glow"
In the nursery...

A painting from her Auntie Britty

Another painting I did for my precious niece
I did the letters too! I got a bit excited and wanted to decorate the nursery...and of course I wanted to make everything myself.
Then...she FINALLY arrived!
In the above picture you can see the little clamp on Sloane's belly that was on the umbilical cord...the one Lilly opened herself!
Mommy and baby!

Auntie Britty finally got to meet her! Love at first sight!
Look at those eyes looking at her auntie....I think she likes me too!
Even though she is still tiny, I had to get some pics of her in the nightgown I bought says, "My auntie loves me" and the huge bow I made for her (both are a bit too big right now, especially the bow)!
Break your heart cuteness!
Me, bubba and my sister with Sloane!
4 generations! (My sister, her baby, my mom and her dad) My aunts drove my grandfather over to meet his new great granddaughter!

A bit big, but I had to put it on her and get a pic!

Love those bows!
Getting ready for her doctor's visit...
So cute! The socks I sent Sloane as her first gift from her auntie, the day after Shae found out she was having a girl!
She's such a stretcher, and so long limbed!
Love, love, love!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Things that I will miss...

Right now I am in the Great State (otherwise known as TEXAS) and I have a few confessions to make:
1st- When I crossed the border into Texas, I got a bit teary eyed!
2nd- When I arrived in Norman, Oklahoma a few days later, I was engulfed with memories of college and the days of Nick and I dating and got teary eyed again!
3rd- When I saw the picture of my niece for the first time I got REALLY teary eyed!
4th- I know when I leave here on Saturday I will be bawling!

Not only will I be driving back to Florida in a few days- back to work, back to school, back to my husband...but I will also be leaving Texas, my home and my new niece, whom I have already fallen in love with!

Despite my very busy schedule these days, it was clear for more than one reason that I needed to take off of work for a couple of weeks and head back to my roots. Not only was my sister having a baby, but a very good family friend, who is also the mother of the 2 kids I nannied for in college, was having surgery to remove cancer! So last week, I got in the car and drove the 17 hours to Austin, Texas to see my sister one last time before she delivered her little miracle, and then off to Norman, Oklahoma to keep the kids for my friend. The week in Norman was very tiring, but such a blessing. Not only did I get to see the kids who I helped raise (I was their nanny for 3 and 1/2 years and there when both of them were born; I feel like they are my own!) but I got to help out a very dear friend, and see one of my best friends/sorority sister! However, when I left Oklahoma I had the realization that very soon, I would be leaving....not just a few states away, but across the world to Japan! I got punched in the stomach with the knowledge that there was a lot of things that I would really really miss when we move overseas!

Because I was in Oklahoma, I missed the birth of my sister's baby. Therefore, I had to see her for the first time through pictures. However, when I did arrive in Austin a few days later, I met the cutest little girl I have ever seen, and immediately I fell in love! I am undoubtedly going to miss her, not just next week when I go back, but for the next three years that I will be away!

Let me also say that I am not trying to wine or complain! Nick and I are so very excited to be moving to Japan. We chose Japan, and were more than thrilled when we got it as our next military destination! However, as the months are passing, the move is getting closer and closer to a reality. Therefore, lately I catch myself getting emotional about little things that I will miss.

(By the way, I got here and realized that I left my camera cord in Florida, therefore I will have to post the rest of the photos of the baby when I get back....)