Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Things that I will miss...

Right now I am in the Great State (otherwise known as TEXAS) and I have a few confessions to make:
1st- When I crossed the border into Texas, I got a bit teary eyed!
2nd- When I arrived in Norman, Oklahoma a few days later, I was engulfed with memories of college and the days of Nick and I dating and got teary eyed again!
3rd- When I saw the picture of my niece for the first time I got REALLY teary eyed!
4th- I know when I leave here on Saturday I will be bawling!

Not only will I be driving back to Florida in a few days- back to work, back to school, back to my husband...but I will also be leaving Texas, my home and my new niece, whom I have already fallen in love with!

Despite my very busy schedule these days, it was clear for more than one reason that I needed to take off of work for a couple of weeks and head back to my roots. Not only was my sister having a baby, but a very good family friend, who is also the mother of the 2 kids I nannied for in college, was having surgery to remove cancer! So last week, I got in the car and drove the 17 hours to Austin, Texas to see my sister one last time before she delivered her little miracle, and then off to Norman, Oklahoma to keep the kids for my friend. The week in Norman was very tiring, but such a blessing. Not only did I get to see the kids who I helped raise (I was their nanny for 3 and 1/2 years and there when both of them were born; I feel like they are my own!) but I got to help out a very dear friend, and see one of my best friends/sorority sister! However, when I left Oklahoma I had the realization that very soon, I would be leaving....not just a few states away, but across the world to Japan! I got punched in the stomach with the knowledge that there was a lot of things that I would really really miss when we move overseas!

Because I was in Oklahoma, I missed the birth of my sister's baby. Therefore, I had to see her for the first time through pictures. However, when I did arrive in Austin a few days later, I met the cutest little girl I have ever seen, and immediately I fell in love! I am undoubtedly going to miss her, not just next week when I go back, but for the next three years that I will be away!

Let me also say that I am not trying to wine or complain! Nick and I are so very excited to be moving to Japan. We chose Japan, and were more than thrilled when we got it as our next military destination! However, as the months are passing, the move is getting closer and closer to a reality. Therefore, lately I catch myself getting emotional about little things that I will miss.

(By the way, I got here and realized that I left my camera cord in Florida, therefore I will have to post the rest of the photos of the baby when I get back....)


  1. Brittany, I am so very sorry about your friend's cancer. She is so young and a full life ahead of her. I am praying for her full recovery. I know you will miss all you are leaving behind for a period of time while you and Nick go forth to serve your country. This is a high calling of God to be a military family. Sloane means fighter or warrior. Prophetic name. Your posted words are full of your kind and loving heart. Japan is a field white with harvest to share the love of Jesus with people who serve gods made of stone and clay. This kindness that flows forth from you will be a great gift in a nation that is prospering financially but is still not ready for our Lord's return. Look forward to the high calling God has placed on you both in calling you to foreign soil. It takes a lot of courage to move your home. I pray for God to hold you both strongly and securely as He moves you forward in your destiny and that your time of transition will be an easy one.

  2. Hey Brit! Sloane is GORGEOUS!!! We got the news from your dad the other day & I immediately text your mom! I'm so glad you posted pictures, I know you are proud. If you have a memory card & an available laptop, you should be able to upload pics that way (I discovered this last summer at church camp, when I left MY camera cord at home.) You will have to get a webcam for your computer or get a laptop with a built-in one before you go to Japan; that way you can talk to Sloane (and the rest of your family) but mainly Sloane! LOL.... Mike's cousin did this while her husband was overseas so their little boy could talk to him. Anyway, I'm jealous of you and Nick. Take care!

  3. I want to keep Solane as well! PS I random outbursts of tears is completely normal. I started crying when I packed up Christmas...and on MANY other instances. I kept thinking this is my last ____ in 3 years. Don't do that to yourself. Think of all the Firsts you are about to experience. Can't wait for you guys to get out here!

  4. I get teary every time I cross the border! Or if I'm with Chris we're both singing, "Texas, Our Texas"!! ha ha.

    being far from family is the hardest part of being here for sure!! It's so great you went to see them while you can. But don't worry---you will probably end up flying back and forth more often than you think. :) Plus, you have 'family' out here already too! :) The Foxes and Gearys are always like, "so WHEN are the Holmans getting here?!?!"