Sunday, September 6, 2009

We got the beat...

We got back home to Milton, Florida at 3:15AM after staying in Jacksonville to watch the Sooners play their first football game of the season. (Not a good game, don't really want to talk about it! Our QB got hurt and is in serious need of prayers!) But, Nick and I are dedicated fans, so driving through the night was a sacrifice to watch the game, we were willing to make!!! Then after finally getting home, and unpacking from our trip, we crashed only to wake up what seemed a few hours later to meet some friends at the river. After a few fun hours on a pontoon (where I learned there are lots and lots of gators, and therefore did not get into the water!!!), we came home to pack for the move. :( Thank goodness we are not moving ourselves...this in one of the things about the military I LOVE! However, we are doing a partial dity (do it yourself) move, so there are still things we have to do before the movers come on Tuesday. Not fun! I am already ready for this week to be over! However, saying goodbye to all of my favorite people who are still in the Pensacola area is going to be hard.

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  1. are too funny!! It is so confusing at first...okay so go into your layout screen for you blog and on the side of the layout there should be a place to click add new gadget. click that and it will pop up a new screen. It will give you lots of options but you should just be able to click on the icon that says picture. after that you just add the picture you want throught the browse button. let me know if you need any other help!!