Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another day in the state of Florida

A lesson of cause and effect:

Movers were almost 10 hours late to pick up our stuff
due to the tardiness of the movers, we were not able to clean our house until way later
because it took so long cleaning, we were not able to leave the day we planned
however, I had a job interview the next day
therefore I had to drive to JAX on 4 hours of sleep to make it to my interview on time

Outcome=I still rocked the interview and got the job with little sleep and a horse voice

Lesson learned=expect the unexpected when the Military is moving you…the end


Beretta in our new Florida room in our house in Jacksonville! We had to put her in her kennel in the Florida room while the movers were unloading our boxes, because she did not like the movers! Look at that poor face!
Out of her kennel, B is loving her new backyard!
This is our backyard in our new house. There are 2 lime trees and the middle tree, we think is not actually a lime tree but a nectarine tree of some sort...when it is in full bloom, we will find out! But the two outside trees are full of ready to squeeze limes!
Our beautiful limes! They are no small limes either! They are big and green and plentiful!


  1. Mojito night at the Holman's...You could also make some limeade and combine with the firefly! Ha