Friday, June 4, 2010

The Life of a Nomad...

As it goes, moving means living out of a suitcase (and GASP, actually having to wear the same thing twice!!!). I have been living out of mine now for over 3 weeks and the journey is only just beginning! These last three weeks were meant to be full of rest and relaxation and yet have been some of the most busy weeks of my life! There has not been a dull moment. I traveled all over Texas (and a bit of Oklahoma) seeing and saying goodbye to friends and family before the BIG move.

I left the Great State yesterday and am now in California, reunited with my hubby! Here are some of the many pictures I took over the last 3+ weeks:

Nick and his classmates with their advisor at their ZTR!
Nick getting his new patch from an instructor who was stationed in Japan. The red flight suit is what they wear in Japan!
Hello Warlords!!!
I was a little out of place without a flight suit...or what I like to call their "pickle suit".
Nick's class...
The after-party and a toast with their advisor.
My sweet friend Leslie...I already miss you girlfriend!
All the Jacksonville girls!
The next morning, after a late night and an early check-out of our house, we loaded our car and hit the road! We were completely crammed into my little car and Beretta had no room to move!
Beretta had to rest her head on my shoulders because she was so squished. She literally sat on top of suitcases and did not like it one bit!
Finally in Texas! Having dinner in Austin with my family.
A quick trip to Fort Worth. We had dinner downtown with 2 of my aunts and uncles as well as my grandpa so they could send Nick off properly.
Nick with my 2 uncles
Then it was off to Oklahoma...Nick and little Hudson, flexing their muscles!
Out to eat with one of my best girlfriends from college and her hubby!
Nick left for SERE and I flew back to Austin. The very next day my friend Amber came for a visit!
Amb and I with my brother in downtown Austin.
My friend Sarah also came to visit...she and I eating at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants. They serve PURPLE margaritas!!! My fav color and fav drink rolled into one! Love it!
I had to include this silly puppy at my parents house. She loves to sit under their ottoman, when she pokes her head out she looks like a nun! Hilarious!
I also took a mini trip to Houston to see friends and family. My two roommates from college and I got to have a girls was so fun to see them again!
Us at a country bar called the Armadillo. For those of you who don't know, the armadillo is the Texas state animal. Naturally, I just had to have a picture with this huge structure!
Me and Elise...
Me and Jenna....she is the friend whom I am flying all the way back from Japan for in September! I am a bridesmaid in her wedding. Can't wait for her special day, but am already dreading that long flight back alone! However, I wouldn't miss it for the world!
In Houston with my little cousins. Three beautiful blue-eyed girls...Isabel, Camille, and Olivia!
Back in Austin with my sweet sweet niece. I dressed her up in a tutu for her first Keno party! While I was home my mom hosted Keno and Bunco at her house. I got to play with her and her friends and see how differently they play.
Sweet princess in her tutu!
Little Diva in purple, my favorite color....I think it might be her color too!
In downtown Austin with Blakey...we took a boat tour ride down the Austin river. Blake's friend is a tour guide and we got to witness him in action.
The beautiful city of Austin, Texas...
After the boat ride...
My very last weekend in Texas, my family and I went to our lake house to celebrate Memorial Day. The lake house has been in my family since before I was born. It is the one place in my life that remains constant. No matter how many times I have moved, the lake house has always been there. The picture is of the dock that my grandpa and cousins built.
Beretta loved the lake...we couldn't keep her out of the water! I too was in the water so much I didn't get many pictures. Nonetheless, it was the best way to end my trip in Texas. I got to see almost all of my extended family. There were over 40 of us there! We went on boat rides, were pulled on a tube, swam, ate and even had a crawfish boil!
It has been a crazy last few weeks, but so memorable. Now that I am in California, I am hoping to get some sun and just enjoy my last days in the US.

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  1. Brit, I love seeing these pictures! Makes me sad that all of the moves our two families have made keep us from getting together more often. Maybe one of these days, Mike and I will make a move to the Austin area so we can see your family more often.