Thursday, June 17, 2010

Goodbye USA...Konichiwa Japan!

It has been a world wind the last 72+ hours for Nick and I! I promised that I would blog as soon as we arrived in Japan and got the chance, however we have been so busy, I am just now able to do so….

I will start off by going back a few days and including a picture from the last night with Nick’s family in California.

The next day Nick’s parents drove us to San Diego, the location of our departure from the States. Nick and I had 9 bags between the 2 of us...needless to say, we had to stuff them in the car, barely leaving enough room for us to fit!

We stayed in a hotel and had an amazing room with a perfect balcony view of the ocean!

We went to dinner in the area of San Diego called the Gas Lamp district, at the Rock Bottom Brewery. Very tasty!

After we said our final goodbyes to Nick’s parents, I decided to have one more cocktail to calm my very anxious nerves! I can’t even explain how antsy I was awaiting our departure! Knowing we were FINALLY going to Japan after all the preparing made me so excited I had a queasy stomach! Nonetheless, the several beverages that I had throughout the course of the evening before definitely helped!

We had a very early next morning…we got up at 4:30, made it to the airport, got our bags checked (they all passed the weight limit, even if just barely!), got through security and even had time to down 1 more cocktail before getting on the plane!

At our layover, we stopped and got Yen!!! This was our first time and we were both a little excited! I know it is silly to those who travel all the time, but Nick and I are newbies... we haven't ever gotten to experience the joy of traveling (except to Mexico, but that doesn't count) to other countries prior to this!

I thought it wierd that they have a circle in the middle, but didn't bother to put their president in it? Haha...oh wait, is that just a US thing?

It was a long flight, the longest for both Nick and I, and we were very cramped. We sat in the 60th of 61 rows, directly in the middle! Talk about claustrophobia!!! Nick had a little Japanese lady on his right who didn't utter a word the entire time and wore a face mask and slippers! I was taken aback by this.... The flight was about 90% Japanese, (obviously) and many of them wore face masks the whole time. This made me think, were all of them sick or were they afraid they might get sick from us? Also, the slippers made me laugh... I knew that Japanese people took their shoes off in their homes, but until recently did not know that they actually take them off at many other places as well. I read in a book by an American who went to Japan to teach English, that school children as well as teachers take their shoes off in Japanese schools and wear slippers all day! Bizarre!!!

The guy who sat on my left was from Israel, by the name of Itai. He was a very interesting and intelligent man. He spoke 4 languages, and had visited almost every country. He was our diversion for the flight because after we got on the plane, we were told that the entertainment system didn’t work and we would not be able to watch movies! What a bummer!

Nick was able to get in a couple of naps…haha! I however, was so hyped up that I could not sleep even if I wanted to!

After over 15 hours of traveling, we finally arrived in Japan…but when we got there, it was the next day! Our sponsor picked us up from the airport and announced, “Welcome to the future!” The fourteen hours ahead time difference was (and still is) difficult for me to wrap my head around!
The last two days in Japan have been overwhelming, but so fun! We haven't stopped since we got here. I have much more to blog about, but being that I am struggling to keep my eyelids open at the moment, I will have to save the rest for another blog!


  1. I'm so glad you guys made it there safe, and can't wait to hear more about Japan! And I don't know how you manage to look so cute in EVERY picture!

  2. I just love your blogs Brittany. They are a bright spot in my day. It does not surprise me Nick would be able to sleep on the plane. I raised him to be able to sleep any where. When he was asleep in his crib, I used to run the vacuum in his room. I knew as an adult he would need this ability. Yesterday I was in the storage unit and found mother's day cards where he drew helicopters and a jet planes from the military he even put stars on their sides. He started doing this when he was just a little guy like 4 years old. I always knew this was his destiny and so did he. Now he is living it. Amazing.

    Nick used skype to talk to me after you arrived in Japan. It was exciting to be able to talk and see Nick from here in Oklahoma where he was raised and lived most of his life to where he is in Japan. It felt like seeing clear from the future to his roots. I was just getting up and he was getting ready to go to bed. He was tired and kept yawning.

    I was sorry you did not get a chance to come to Owasso, Oklahoma with Nick. The time we had together was just so short. It was nice you both got to stay a few days with Pete and Nick's step mom Deb in California. It is a fun place and not as hot as it is here. I look forward to talking to you on skpe soon.

  3. Brittany--I have to agree with your friend, your blogs are great! You almost inspire me to write one, except my life would seem boring now! Congratulations on arriving safely in Japan & have a blast taking in the culture.