Sunday, June 27, 2010

The diary of a foreigner in Japan – Part 1…

Each day I witness something out of the ordinary, something foreign to me, however it is I who is the foreigner in this country. I have been told that after 6 months, things will no longer seem so strange to me, I will have adjusted and customs that the Japanese do will be of routine to me. Therefore I was also advised to take pictures of it all now, to document it while it is still new and interesting. So here goes…

Toilets in the ground...I have yet to attempt this! Luckily most places will have both Japanese style toilets (toilets in the ground) as well as regular toilets that you can sit on! Obviously, given that I am 5'9" I go for the toilets that are higher off the ground.

This sign was in front of a bathroom at a shrine... My question is, where else would you put garbage if you couldn't throw it away?

No this was not in a fish market, but in a regular grocery store! Their meat section consists of lots and lots of fish, whole raw this lovely octopus, YUMMY!
And all these other un-beheaded fish!

The equivalent of Jack (whisky) and coke in a can…Genius! (Jenna, this one's for you!)

Mini balls of frozen yogurty/Popsicle type dessert! Comes in a package with around 10 balls, and there are several flavors! (They melt in your mouth not in your hand, but WAY better than M&M's) This is by far my favorite treat I have discovered...I have now had it 3 times!

Who knew that fruit could be so expensive? In Japan fruits like, watermelons and peaches have to be pre-ordered and their prices are outrageous!!!
You don't see these fruits sitting out on the stands at the grocery store...sad what we take for granted in the States!

Last, but not friends and I were out to dinner one night this week (Nick was there, he was the one taking the picture) and we were looking for this Thai restaurant that we heard was good. We got up to the place that we thought was it and were greeted by this sign: "Japanese Only"!!! I was completely taken aback!
It was the perfect time for a photo op...but next thing we know, a little Japanese lady opens the door and shakes her finger at us telling us to go away!

I was warned that I would encounter this...but it still was shocking when it actually did! Apparently places will put this sign up, or simply give you the "X" when you try to enter their facility for many different reasons - because they are too full and can't accommodate you, because they don't speak English and can not/will not try, or simply because they don't allow foreigners in their place of business. It is fortunate for Americans that this is no longer allowed in the States, because as I have now experienced in Japan, segregation does still exist!


  1. LOVING THE Cola Shock!!! hahahahahaha! Awesome.

  2. Japanese Only?? I don't think so. I would have shaken my finger back at her. hahahahaha!