Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer Lovin...

...had me a blast. Summer lovin, happened so fast!

Our days in the states are coming to an end. We have been enjoying California and all the people who live here.

A picture of Nick and I on the pier in Huntington Beach (HB),
just before we had delicious burgers and shakes from Ruby's over the water!
3 weeks late, Nick and I finally celebrated our 3 year Anniversary!
A day at the beach in Bolsa Chica.
It was a bit windy, what they call the "June Gloom"...
nonetheless, Nick and I enjoyed walking along the beach and
enjoying the ocean!
A cigar on the beach while the sun set...a la perfect!
I love the smell of yummy cigars...however, I do not smoke them that well.
Our anniversary dinner cookout...
Steaks, shrimp skewers, corn on the cob, potatoes and carrots!
A toasty fire, to keep off the California chill!
Happy 3 Years!
A trip to San Diego to see friends was a must before leaving Cali. On the way, we stopped to get some famous In-N-Out Burger take-out (also a must)!!!
I thought it genius of In-N-Out, to provide a place mat for those patrons who chose to
dine-out! How clever! This prevents the inevitable mess one would otherwise make while eating these delicious and juicy burgers!
In San Diego with the girls! (Some how I only got a pic of the girls and not the boys...Nick, Jon, Mark, Clay and Pat were also there.) The Butterfields were generous enough to host a BBQ at their house and allow us to invite our friends who lived in SD.
Bek and her bump! Can't wait to meet Nate!

Still a few days left in California, before we depart for the Land of the Rising Sun....


  1. yay!! only a few days until the land of the rising sun!! It's fun here and it's just getting started!!!! :)

  2. YAY! can't wait to have you join in the fun! Have a safe flight. Sarah G