Sunday, June 13, 2010

Done, done and done!

I started my blog several months ago to document Nick and my journey with the military. Not only to keep my friends and family updated on our life from afar, but also as a way to journal the feelings and experiences I was having through each phase of a military move.

These last few days before we leave the States and fly to Japan have been the roughest for me so far. Nick doesn’t understand the mixture of emotions I am going through right now, (He is a guy and I a girl, so what do you expect?) and he definitely isn’t feeling the same way I am. However, I have to admit that as sad as I am to say goodbye to family and friends here in the States, I am more ready to “just get to Japan already”!!!

Not having a car, living out of suitcases, and sleeping in someone else’s bed for almost 2 months has taken its toll. We have been “bumming” off other people for long enough, I am so ready to get outta here and get to Japan.

Nick and I found out almost a year ago that our next duty station would be Atsugi, Japan. Knowing that we would be moving to Japan for 3 years was so exciting and something we have been preparing for the last 11 months. Well, after that much time talking about moving to Japan, trying to learn Japanese and imagining life overseas, let’s just say it’s time to stop talking about it and rip off the Band-Aid and get there! I am so over the wait….11 months is way too much time! I am sick of telling people how many more months, weeks, days it will be before we get to Japan! Today, I can finally say, we fly out TOMORROW!!!! Whoohoo!

Stay tuned for life on the other side... I don't know when we will get internet again, but I will do my best to post as soon as I can with updates!

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  1. i think the worst part is becoming, not 'the Holmans' but rather 'those people who are moving to Japan.' But no problem now---see you in...oh...30 hours?! :)