Friday, May 21, 2010

Mini Me

I have two little girls in my life who I completely adore. (I won't lie, they like me a little bit too!) One of those girls is Garner Bell, one of the kids in Norman, Oklahoma whom I was a nanny for while in college. I was there when this little diva was born and now five years later my heart continues to grow for the little beauty, who I have to admit is becoming more and more like me as the years go by!

Me teaching her to pose with her lips out...

and with a peace sign! She is a mess....loves, loves the camera!

Every morning, she wanted me to tease her hair like mine...
and curl it! This is her doing the "Brittany shoulder" that I taught her over a year ago! Hilarious!!!
For her birthday she wanted me to take her to Forever 21, my favorite store, and buy her big girl assecories!
Of course, she had to have make-up as well as this BIG headband! Love it!
Her doing the peace sign again...she did this all weekend!
Such sass! She told me she was no longer a diva in training...she informed me that she was now a diva like me!!!
Love the tutus!
My mini me!
My other little niece, Sloane Alyce!
I get to keep her for 2 weeks while Nick is in California for training and my sister finishes her last 2 weeks of work. I am LOVING playing dress-up with her!
We love nap time... Sloane with her dog Lilly, so precious!
Gotta love the BIG bows!
So sweet!
My friend Amber, whom I have known since I was 5 came to visit...mainly she just wanted to see Sloane! We took Sloane on her first shopping trip to Forever 21!!!
She was tuckered out from all the shopping...
such hard work!
Sloane with her first purse....this was actually from my mom, not me (surprisingly)!
With her Uncle Blake...
"My auntie loves me" finally fits!
Bed time...
Love love love!
Baby blues!
Sloaney and Amber
As if she hasn't gotten enough attention, my other good friend Sarah came to visit!
Sarah and I also took her shopping....she is already a diva in training!
She does not love the camera yet...
Morning messy cute!
Big eyes!
By far my favorite outfit! Love the brown and pink and giraffe!
All that brown hair, just like her Auntie Britty!


  1. Love the pics, especially of Sloane! You have got to get Skype, so you can talk to Sloane & she can see you!

  2. Brittany! These are precious!

  3. OMG - how totally precious! Loving the updates - I check in with you just about every other week now. Was at the parents house a few nights ago and we saw more video from our time in Japan. Can't wait for you to start blogging about all of your new adventures over there!