Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's that time again...

Moving day (or should I say week)! The movers are coming in THREE rounds this week. Yesterday the first set of movers took our things to be put in permanent storage, the things that either 1- we won’t need in Japan or, 2- won’t work and/or fit in a Japanese house. Those things will be stored for three years while we are over seas….I already get the feeling that we stored things we will need/want while we are in Japan, however we are not allowed to get our things back until we have been stationed stateside again (of course, unless we want to PAY to get our own things out of storage…um, no thank you!). Today the movers are coming to box up and ship our things that we will need right away in Japan, our “Express Shipment”. This so called express shipment will not arrive for at least a month, in fact I have heard that some people get their “express” shipment at the same time as the rest of their belongings arrive! Nonetheless, we had to set out things for the movers to pack that we would need to “survive” in Japan until the rest of our things get there (such as bedding, kitchen essentials, clothes, etc). Finally, tomorrow the last movers are coming to pack up everything else in our house, and then it’s nomadic living for a month for Nick and I!

Knowing we will be living out of a suitcase for almost 2 months (or more) made it difficult to pack. Nick and I will be stateside for another month, going from Florida to Texas then to Oklahoma, then finally to California before we begin our journey to the land of the rising sun! All of the different places made it that much harder to decide what to cram into suitcases, which we will be lugging all over the world! (Seriously, I would rather do just about anything than pack…it is a dreaded chore for me!) However, I am almost finished packing (Nick hasn’t started) and I must say, I did a pretty good job! Nick even hugged me when he saw how “little” I had packed (I say little because I packed about 25 outfits and 10 pairs of shoes, but for me that is not much!)…I got everything into one (Giant) suitcase, and didn’t even have to sit on top of my suitcase to get it to close! On the other hand, I plan to do lots of shopping when we finally get to Japan to make up for the “lack” of clothes I packed! (This is not my fault, all I have heard since we found out we were moving to Japan, is that Tokyo is the “fashion capital,” and we will be living right by Tokyo! Not to mention that all my girlfriends who already live there have told me that as soon as I get there we are going shopping!)

So packing is almost finished, movers are doing their thing this very moment, and soon it will be Sayonara Jacksonville and Hello Japan! (It’s the saying goodbye to my family that I am dreading…)


  1. :( Safe travels! I had something else to give you but forgot, tis little and fits well in suitcases that already have a lot of stuff in them...can I have your parents' address in TX(or wherever you will be staying) to mail it to you?

  2. *cough* with a little stopover in San Diego... that's a key element in this travel plan. Also, if you happen to accumulate stuff while you're stateside, I will ship it for you. I mean, what's a girl to do with only one suitcase for two months?

  3. I LOVE you Bek!!! Of course (no cough) we are stopping in San Diego...wouldn't miss seeing the Butters!!!

    Love you too Sarah...can't wait for what you've sent me!

  4. I can't send it to you unless you give me an address?!?!?! :)