Sunday, August 15, 2010

This one's for Nick...

Since Nick’s full-time job is to be in the military, I have made it my full-time job to document our adventures wherever the military takes us. (Sadly sometimes this means that Nick isn’t even in the posts I share, because he is always either gone or working.)

Right now he is deployed…which means that again he isn’t here to experience the adventures in Japan with me. However, so he isn’t left out, here’s a couple of pictures he has sent me recently from afar:

What Nick gets to fly these days...
Doing some drills, ready for action...

Let’s be honest, I wouldn’t even be in Japan if it weren’t for that hunk in the flight suit above…so I have to give credit where credit is due! (Especially since he is out there working his toosh off, while I “play” here in the Land of the Rising Sun!)

He has only been gone a little over a week, but already it feels like much longer. Though we are extremely lucky and he gets to email me daily, and Skype and call every once in awhile, it is still hard not to be able to see him every day and not always knowing what exactly he is up to or where?! (Again I can’t complain because other family members out there don’t have the luxury of emailing daily and have to go weeks without contact from their family member in the service. My heart goes out to them!)


  1. This was the first time I have seen Nick in full military uniform. I am proud of you son. My prayer go before you moment by moment. Love to you both. Mom

  2. Brittany...keeping you both in prayer. I know how hard it is to be away from your hubby. Eric just got back this past Wed from a 7 month deployment(this was his 2nd deployment). The good-byes are hard to do, but the homecomings are so awesome. When Nick gets back, you all will appreciate your relationship even more. Good luck to you in Japan..must be hard without Nick and family over there but be strong and keep the faith. Love ya girl...btw, how long will Nick be deployed for? Well keep in touch. It's been too long since I've heard from you. Btw, love your's awesome. Miss you. Jessica