Friday, August 6, 2010

Little girl in a Big House!

Today I FINALLY got to move out of the Navy Lodge!!! After almost 60 days of living in a hotel…this girl was way beyond ready to move…ANYWHERE! And I say “I” got to move, because Nick is no longer here! Yes, just in time for us to relocate into a new place of residence, the Navy decided to ship him elsewhere!

Luckily Nick's trip was delayed a bit and he got to go with me to pick up the keys to our house the day before we moved in...We had to get a photo of us stepping over the threshold, even if Nick is never home enough to technically "live" here!

In his absence I have already learned something…I depend on Nick for many things, things that I don’t think about on a day-to-day basis!

I don’t feel the need to check in my closet for the boogieman like I did my whole life up until marrying Nick when he is home. (You think I am joking but I kid you not, even in college I did this every night.) Now that he is away, I find myself doing it again, only this time there are way more closets to check!

Thank you Nick for taking away my worries. Thank you Navy for taking away my Nick!

As excited as I was to get out of the cramped hotel room and into a bigger place, I now feel very small inside a big empty house.

Our household good are still set to get here in the middle of September, therefore we had to borrow furniture from the base to help survive the next month and a half! Thank goodness for that, otherwise this 2-story house would be really bare!

The movers came and brought us our temporary furniture and I have to admit it isn’t bad…I kinda like the dining room table (6 cushioned chairs included) that they set up in my kitchen! They also delivered a couch, 2 living room chairs, a coffee table, 2 end tables, a double bed, 2 sets of dresser drawers, 2 nightstands and 2 lamps! Plus I also was able to borrow kitchen utensils and cooking ware from “Fleet and Family” (a place on base where one can go for ANY sort of info/question/help).

A second set of movers came and delivered our Express Shipment! This = Christmas in August for Brittany! After living out of a suitcase for over 3 months, getting to open the boxes and seeing all of the clothes, was like getting a new wardrobe all over again! YES!!!…(oh, forgot I had those heels and that dress and that scarf…it’s been so long since we have seen each other!!! J )

With my newfound motivation (ie-clothes high!) I set to work getting this place looking more like a home. Without Nick, Beretta, or even my own furniture to fill this place and make it feel cozy, I had to at least put up a few decorations and give it some warmth! A few hours later, the furniture was moved around, candles lit and all of the knick-knacks I had purchased from the Shrine Sales were displayed throughout the house. Those little touches made a tremendous impact and I felt at peace after I was finished.

Living room...overlooking back patio and yard

Other side...leading into front hallway (White walls - yuck! Can't paint, or I would!!!)
Kitchen...finally got to put my obi on the table!

Master bedroom...complete with a picture of Nick and Beretta - the two I am missing the most right now! (Thank you mom for the care package, frame know how I need pictures!)
Tonight I might be sleeping in a new place and without my hubby, but I will be sleeping on our pillows and sheets (memory foam pillows oh how I've missed you too!)...that's as close as I can get to feeling at home for now, and I'll take it!!!


  1. Brittany! I love reading your blog. You are such an inspiration. My aunt is a military wife, and they actually lived in Japan for a few years. I never realized the sacrifices that she and my cousins made. I am truly thankful for what Nick and you do for our country. I can see how happy you are getting to be a Navy wife and getting to experience things, that without the Navy, you might not ever get to to, but I know it's hard all at the same time. Thank you tons!!!

  2. I love the house pictures! It was so good talking to you today - even if I couldn't see your lovely face. Keep posting - I promise I'm stalking you faithfully! :)

  3. You are the woman Nick so needs as he defends our country where ever he is. You are the defense of the family. I know the knowledge that you are keeping the home fires burning for him gives him great peace in the face of the dangers he faces each day. Home has always been important to Nick. Knowing you will have prepared a perfect place for him to come home to with you standing at the door waiting for him is a glorious treasure. I feel much better that you are living on base. Your security while Nick is gone is the most important thing. You are so creative in creating a pleasant home environment and give Nick security in ways he probably never expresses but mean so much to him. I know the separations are difficult and I pray Father God will send you both multipled blessings for your great sacrifices. Love to you both. Mom

  4. Brit! I love the house! I am sort of jealous of you...when you were describing opening your express shipment and it being like Christmas...Mike and I have been living out of suitcases for 8 (yes, that is not a typo!) months and we get our stuff and move into our house on base next week! I can't wait!!!!! I love reading about all your adventures...your blog is like crack. Miss you friend!

  5. better check in those sheets for bugs too little lady...ya just never know what's down there! hahaha :)