Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Man’s best friend…

And in this case Woman’s too! God must have known when creating this special breed of animal that there would be lonely people out there who needed a creature to love and comfort them no matter what!

Nick has only been gone a week, but already I have started to dread coming home to an empty house. Not just because there has been no husband to greet me at the door, but also because my poochaloo Beretta hasn’t been here to give me attention upon entering either. I have been without my husband for a week, but my puppy for almost 3 months!

I am going back to the States for one of my best friend’s wedding in October, as well as pick up my dog. (Thank goodness!) Until then, I have to endure this time without her, and for now, my husband too! Well, luckily for me other spouses here have dogs, and those same spouses have husbands who are deployed. Deployed hubbies means trips to see those hubbies! Because Nick isn’t in the same place as the rest of my friend’s husbands at the moment, I don’t get to go to “Port Call” with the rest of them…but that means I am available to DOG SIT! Those are the magic words for this lonely girl these days! “You are going out of town? Do you need me to watch your dog?” (As if I need any persuasion!!!)

So I am currently keeping not one, but two poochaloos at my house. (If you didn’t catch that, my husband and I have nicknamed our dog poochaloo. This name has stuck with my family and close friends for calling all puppies poochaloos!) Right now as I type this, they are both passed out next me, just as happy to be with me as I am with them! Cause what dog doesn’t LOVE getting to snuggle on the bed!?! (Yes my comforter is covered in dog hair, but that is a sacrifice I am so willing to make right now!!!) One is a female hound dog mix; the other is a male yellow Labrador. I am in love with both! I have to say I am feeling a bit like the “Dog Whisperer” right now, but then again I have always had a weird obsession with all dogs! I can’t help but crouch down on their level and give them kisses whenever I am near one! (Of course because of this, dogs walk all over me, they know I am a dog lover through and through!!!)

Mr. Saigo

Miss Bailey
Having a dog means when I walk in the door I am always greeted with enthusiasm. No matter how long I have been gone, to a dog they are just glad I am home! These two dogs I am watching have been no different…I got home tonight and both of them came charging at me as I walked through the front door, knocking one another over to get to me first! With wagging tails and excited faces, I was greeted with slobbery kisses and yelps of joy! For me, that feeling never gets old! It makes me feel loved and appreciated at the end of the day, (or middle to dogs it doesn’t matter) especially when my husband isn’t home to greet me as well! Even when we were back in the States, I would get home from work and Nick wouldn’t be home because he would be flying, yet Beretta would welcome me and make my day better no matter how crappy it had been!

Yes, this is what they do...all day long...follow me around, watching my every move!!!

Or they sleep...on my bed...notice how nice they were to leave me 1/3 of the bed?!?
Not only do they greet me when I walk in the door, but these two pups keep me company throughout the day and night as well. What a blessing it has been these past couple of days to not have to go to sleep and wake up alone! How nice it has been to get slobbery kisses in the morning! And how safe I have felt knowing the minute someone is at my door (or near it) the dogs are immediately alert and barking!

They need my attention (and actually fight over it), and I need to be needed! But most importantly they have been keeping me company! Sorry Madori and Sarah, you might not be getting your dogs back!

On the way to the dog park! Whoohoo...happy dogs!

At the dog park...about to run and play! Yeah!
Playing fetch with my friend Tami and her dog Bella!

I’ve said it once and I will say it again…Dogs really do make great best friends!


  1. AWwww! Bay is having so much fun! Sai is so cute. I'm glad those pups are keeping you company. So glad they got to play with their buddies Cassie and Bella. Thank you so much. See you soon!

  2. Henry approves of this post.

  3. Let me know we will send Audrey that way ;)

  4. ha ha ha! you made them SO HAPPY!! kawaiiiiii!