Monday, July 12, 2010

A riding we will go...

Nick has always had an obsession with motorcycles. This may seem like an exaggeration, but this is coming from the person who told Nick within months of us starting to date that, “I would never marry someone who owned a motorcycle, nor would I allow my husband to get one!” Of course because I love my husband, I have had to compromise…as I said before, he is a bit obsessed with motorcycles, so for him, getting one was not a question, it was a matter of when. (Hello, how can he be a Navy Pilot without one? Top Gun anyone? Haha)

Before we left California, Nick and his dad went on a day trip riding motorcycles along the coast. It was not only a good bonding time with Nick and his dad before he left the States, but also a perfect excuse to get to ride a Harley! Of course as soon as Nick got back from his mini-trip, it’s all he could talk about. Needless to say, since then we have been discussing Nick getting a motorcycle. (I mean come on, poor guy did have to move all the way to Japan…doesn’t he need a bike to ease his pain? Good news is, I get my own scooter out of the deal!!!)

Nick and his dad...enjoying a gorgeous day in sunny California and a ride along the coast!
This weekend Nick took the required “Experienced Rider Course,” to be able to own and drive a motorcycle in Japan. In order for him to be able to ride with a passenger at any time, I had to take the class with him and be his passenger for all the riding drills as well as the final test. Fun!...Not!!! It wouldn’t have been so bad, had I actually gotten credit towards my own riding license, but I didn’t. (I have to take an additional 2 days of riding class in order to be able to drive a scooter!)

Sitting on the ship docks across from the shopping district of Yokohama at 7AM...We got there an hour early and all I wanted to do was go back to bed!
The riding class was held on a military base where ships dock. There wasn't much on this "base" except a big piece of concrete right on the water....but perfect for riding motorcycles.
I was promised that if Nick passed his test, he would take me shopping afterwards. All those tall towers across the bay are shopping malls...the Japanese like to shop...a lot!!!
After living in Florida for 3 years, we got used to being by the water. This was the first time since we arrived in Japan that I was near a body of did make me appreciate the time we spent in Florida...we were a bit spoiled living so close to the ocean!

After a long hot day of riding motorcycles for hours in the sun (wearing the required boots, pants, long sleeves, gloves and helmet of course) Nick was able to take his test, which I can proudly say he passed! Of course, this now means he is in the market for a motorcycle…I will soon not only be cringing every time he leaves for work, with worry about him flying a helicopter, but also a motorcycle as well!

After the class was over as promised, Nick took me to the Landmark Tower! Our friend Rich was with us, he also took the rider course (I had to be his passenger as well…which meant I hopped from one motorcycle, to the next all day long!). Rich has been in Japan a few months longer than us and he informed us of the amazing shopping that Yokohama has to offer. So after the boys were handed their completion certificates, the 3 of us hopped on a train to get to the towers!

Landmark Tower is one of 3 towers in the area of Yokohama that we were in. All 3 towers are filled with shopping, shopping and more shopping! The Landmark Tower is the tallest building and 3rd tallest structure in Japan. It has 71 floors, and there is an elevator that takes you up to the 69th. The elevator is the world’s 2nd fastest elevator; it shoots up to the 69th floor in 40 seconds! It is an incredibly fast, but smooth ride!

Floor 69 in 40 seconds...if that doesn't blow your mind!?!

At the top we could see just how compacted the buildings in Japan are!

For Japan, this is high up! Due to the fact that Japan has earthquakes and is an island, buildings aren't made very tall!
Nick was the photographer...I would turn around every 5 minutes to make sure he was still behind me...otherwise he would be stopped somewhere taking a picture of something or another! I have to give him credit though... he is pretty good!
I have also noticed that they like ferris wheels in Japan. It's not the Texas Star, (the largest ferris wheel in North America) but it was big.
We don't look so I said before, it had been a LONG day of riding motorcycles and Nick and I both had helmet hair!
Nick had to take a few night shots...

With so many shopping options and so much to see, ironically the only things we purchased were Krispy Kreme donuts AND Cold Stone Icecream…I mean, how American can we be? But let’s be honest, after over 3 weeks in Japan, we couldn’t run into 2 great American treat shops and not partake! It was a little piece of home from so far away!

All in all, not too thrilled about Nick getting a motorcycle, but after the class, I feel much safer about being on one. Also, Yokohama - a definite must for shopping in Japan!


  1. Awesome shots of Yokohama! I have yet to ride to the top of landmark tower. I love seeing the water though =)

  2. I love your hat Brit! Super cute!

  3. YAY - that hubby of yours has turned into quite the photographer! I think you should print some of those and hang 'em - I would!