Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!!!

Yesterday was actually the 4th of July for us here in Japan, but since today is the 4th for all of our friends and family in the States, I decided to wear red, white and blue to be patriotic with my fellow Americans!

Now for the good news...we finally found a home!!!!!! After over 2 weeks of looking daily for houses (17 different places to be exact) and finding something we didn't like about every one of them, we finally found the perfect place!!!! The above picture is me inside what will be our master bedroom!!! Yeah! (I am standing on carpet but it is actually a tatami floor!!!)

On Independence Day, Nick and I watched the sun rise from the top of Mt Fuji then climbed down the volcano. By the time we got back to base it was 5pm and we were too exhausted to attend the BBQ we had planned to, so instead we watched fireworks from our window and listened to the patriotic music being played by a live band on base!

There was no burgers or watermelon for us, but we did feel the American pride all the way over here in this foreign country we now call home!!!

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