Sunday, July 18, 2010

Princess for a Price...

This last weekend I got to check two more things off of my "to do" list while in Japan.
1 -standing in the middle of the famous and busy intersection of Tokyo and 2 - eating at the "Princess Cafe"!

Three of my girlfriends had their birthday around the same time, so it was a perfect excuse to go out on the town for a girl's night! The Butler's Cafe is a little restaurant in downtown Tokyo, located in the district of Shibuya. I was excited to finally get to go to Tokyo! (I know, I have been here a month and never actually stepped foot in Tokyo!!!) Nick and I have done lots of things since we have been here, and gone many different places, driving through Tokyo, but not actually stopping in Tokyo!

One of the famous intersections in Tokyo is in Shibuya, right outside of the Shibuya train station. It is nicknamed the "Scramble Crossing" due to the immense foot as well as vehicle traffic that intersects there! This intersection has appeared in many movies! Of course I couldn't go there and not stop to take a the middle of the street no less!

Right after this picture was taken, my friend who was taking the picture yells, "get out of the street, before you get hit!" (About this time a bus was coming right towards us...oh well, we got the picture! Silly gaijin!)
The Butler's Cafe, or what has been deemed the "Princess Cafe," is a funny little bistro where male waiters (or "butlers" as they liked to be called) cater to women, treating them like princesses.

The whole experience is more of a production, the waiters are silly, (and somewhat creepy) wear a "butler" uniform and some even wear make-up. Oddly none of the butlers were Japanese, in fact, they were all from different countries. The 3 men who waited on our party were from South Africa, Germany and Italy.

Before the whole charade could begin, we were to each read a set of rules! As we were reading these (and taking pictures, which you will notice is the very first guideline) we were all looking at one another and wondering what we had gotten ourselves into!?!
There was a little bell at every table that we were to ring (but only for a short time as was specified in the guidelines) when we needed anything. The first time we rang the bell, we were surprised to discover what they did (and would do every time we rang it). In unison all of the butlers would say, "yes my princess" after the bell had been rung! Each time this happened, we would giggle at the hilarity of it!
We were told to just "go with it" by one of the butlers, because as I said, it was all just a big production. However, being that I am so mature (hahah!) I couldn't help but shake from trying to hide my laughter during some of the waiters elaborate presentations of the menus! They would explain EVERYTHING in great detail, doing so with raised eyebrows and thick accents, trying to sell us on whatever it was that was on the particular menu they were showing at the time. (The funny part was the fact that they said Princess with everything, "princess cocktail" or "princess special" and acted as if everything on the menu was simply heavenly and must be ordered!) There was a menu for everything...rules, drinks, food, dessert, extras, etc. etc! "Let me just turn the page and show you one more thing my princesses," said the German butler!
When our food arrived, we were told to close our eyes for a "special surprise" was at this time that they placed our food in front of us and placed a crown on our heads. After a dramatic countdown, we were allowed to open our eyes at the same time, thus revealing our food and tiaras. (Because clearly we didn't know what they were doing...right?!!)
Each plate was decorated (in chocolate syrup) with our names on it...that part was a surprise. The sad thing was, when we finally received our bill for the evening, we discovered that we paid for all of the "extra" things they did (such as writing our names on our plates) even though we didn't ask for it!
The "Princesses"
Even the bathroom was "princess" toilet paper and all! Of course, when you needed to go to the restroom, you had to ring the bell to ask to be escorted by one of the butlers! However, that meant I got to sneak in a few pictures!
The "princesses' throne"...heehee! (What I want to know is, where can I get me some pink paper???)
After the meal, the lights went out and the butlers came singing up to our table for the birthday girls! With flushed cheeks, they all blew out the candles. (Of course, the picture is the take-two shot, because they were too quick the first time!)
The cake was delicious, it was chocolate with a banana flavor to it! (Of course the cake was on our bill, but at least it was yummy!) Happy Birthday Jill, Chrissy and Audra!
Gotta have champagne with cake don't you?
Me and the lovely "Princess Sarah"...of course her name really means princess, mine doesn't!
The night was fun, and despite the pricey-ness of it all, I wouldn't mind going again! The butlers were at times a little over-the-top (and somewhat strange) but they only meant to make us feel like "princesses"!

Check and check!


  1. Aw, what a great group of friends and a great night out on the town! What a fun and strange experience all at the same time! :) Glad you have good girlfriends close by!

  2. You are truly a blessed girl. Going to a foreign country and treated like a princess. What fun!

  3. Wowza - a princess meal at princess prices! ;) This looks amazingly fun - happy to see you've found such a great group of wives to surround yourself with. It looks like Sex & The City 3 just found a younger cast in Tokyo!


    to put in your pink bathroom :)