Thursday, October 1, 2009

One side of our house

Our dining room...these are the awesome placemats and napkins that Rebekah Butterfield made us! She is very talented! Thanks Rebekah, they look great with all of our kitchen stuff!
It opens up on the left from the bar room, which you can't see in this picture, and I am standing in the doorway which opens up to the kitchen on the other side. It's very big and open!

Nick's's never clean and this is the cleanest it will probably ever be! This is where he spends all his time studying to be the amazing pilot that he is!!! (Of course we have our Sooner pride all throughout our house! Boomer!)
More office...the door across is the guest room and in between the doors is the guest bathroom

Guest room. Very plain...Nick won't let me hang anything in there, considering we will only live here less than a year. (I am still trying to convince him!)
More of the guest room...Beretta likes to follow me around when I take pictures.
Guest bathroom.
More guest bathroom.

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