Thursday, October 1, 2009

Finally, pics of our new house!

Our house...1607 Beverly Bay Court, Jacksonville, FL 32225Boomer Sooner Baby!
Welcome to the Holman House!
Our room is off of a little hall to the right of the front door. Of course Beretta's kennel is next to our bed, she is still a baby and can't sleep by herself.More of our room...we have a double sliding door that leads to the Florida room. The doors are perfect for letting Beretta out, but we HATE the blinds!!! So annoying!
Double closets!
The infamous Florida room!
Living room.
More of the living room, and entry hall
Other side of the kitchen
View from the hall...and our cute little antique table, it's perfect for when it's just Nick and I
Bar room...leading into the dining room
other side of the bar room

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  1. LOVE your house! I'm jealous! It's HUGE! Wow, are we really THAT grown up? I feel about this...