Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Learning's Hard!!!

I graduated from college 3 years ago this December, but this August I started back to school. Nick on the other hand didn't get a break and went straight into Flight School right after college graduation. Now we are both studying in our free-time, which is no longer "free." We both work and then come home to study! I teach children in the day how to learn, then go home to learn how to teach children! Ironic!

Besides studying to be a teacher (me), and how to be a helo pilot (Nick), we have decided to get ready for our big move to Japan by learning (or trying to learn) how to speak Japanese! And darnit if that isn't a very very tough language to learn! We purchased Rosetta Stone so that in the next few months we can prepare ourselves for life in Japan! I know that you can get around Japan without knowing how to speak Japanese, but how much easier will it be if we at least semi-know what they are saying???!! However, when the computer tells me how to say something in Japanese, I continually mess up the words and they come out of my mouth in a jumble of jibberish! Boo! I must get better! Luckily, we still have several months to keep learning!

So the learning goes on! (and on and on)

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  1. Well, you know what? That is so admirable of you! Take advantage of this time w/o out your own kids to just learn and learn! One day they'll say, "My mommy's so smart!" I think it's so cool that ya'll are going to Japan. What a neat experience... Can I live through you? ;) Go, Holman Fam!