Friday, April 9, 2010

This ain't nothing....

This ain’t nothing time wont erase, and this ain’t nothing money cant replace…thank you Craig Morgan who put it so clearly, but right now, it definitely feels like something and that something is some very sore skinny arms.

Today I got my immunizations so that we can move to Japan! Eww…yuck…OUCH, that’s what I have to say to that! When I say that I HATE shots I am not lying. I can not even look at the needle or I will hyperventilate. Luckily I had Nick there with me to clutch (more like white knuckle) onto while the kind girl stuck my arms.

Earlier this week I went to the Military hospital to get one of my “screenings” that I had to do in order to be in the clear to move overseas! I hate going to the doctor for any reason, I feel sick just being in any medical facility. However, going overseas has required us to be at the Navy clinic more often than usual. This whole “screening” bit gives me a weird feeling, like I have to check out perfectly, or they won’t accept me! Nonetheless, when I was there on Monday, I found out that the military did not have any of my shot records. No big deal right? WRONG! The man at the desk told me that if I didn’t find them I would have to get ALL of my shots over again!Ummmm no thank you!!! So I left the hospital, sanitizing my hands first, then calling my mother to inform her that I was freaking out and to please please locate my shot records ASAP!

Later that day, when my mom got home from work she called me back and told me that she did not want to worry me but that she thought she might have thrown my records away! Hello?Excuse me? Don’t worry? Ummm that would have meant that I would have to get all TEN of the shots that I needed to go overseas! I quickly called Nick, “babe, are you sure we have to go to Japan?” I mean seriously, I want to go, have always been excited, but no one told me that I would have to get shots, and now I might have to get 10! My husband being the more calm one of the two of us, said, “don’t worry we will figure something out.” Thanks. That really helped me…not really!

I then called my best friend from college, who is a nurse, and she tells me to call my college and they might have my shot records. Thank you, finally some good news! I then call my college; the lady tells me that she will have to call me back after she has looked through the stacks in the basement. I get a call back thirty minutes later, and she tells me, nope, we have no shot records for you! Ugghhh! She does however tell me that I should try my high school and they might have my shot records. After looking up the number I call the nurse at my high school, and thank you Jesus, the sweet nurse found my records and faxed them to the Navy clinic! (I have to also note that my family moved around A LOT growing up, so I know that it seems like we could have just asked our family doctor, but I don’t have one and therefore that wasn’t an option!)

Back to today, I get to the immunization desk and ask the guy behind the counter, to look up my records and tell me what shots I now would have to get, since I had my previous shot records faxed. The man starts writing down all of them as my eyes get bigger and bigger! My husband thinks this is funny and a time to joke, which clearly shots are no laughing matter, and teases me saying how much it’s going to hurt! Again, thank you Nick!

As we are waiting to get the shots, I am talking nervously while Nick is reading up on what exactly the Japanese disease is….as if I want to know! He thinks it comical to tell me all of the horrible things that happen to tourists who go to Japan and get bit by mosquitoes carrying this disease for which we have to get a shot to prevent! Ewww! The guy across from us tells me that I can either endure all that my husband has just read about or get a tiny little shot… I was pondering this when the nurse called “Holman!” Nick pulls me to my feet and into the room. I have to also mention that when we got there they told us that the shots had to be taken in 2 rounds and there had to be 30 days in between them. Since we are moving in 30 days, Nick had to get his shots that day as well. (even though he had not planned to and had just gone to hold my hand! Hahah!) Nick had to get 3 shots and I had to get 4! I made him go first while I looked the other way. Of course it was no big deal for him, he simply leaned on the counter, standing up and took the shots like a champ. Show off! I on the other hand had to sit on the exam bed, in case I fainted, and hold onto Nick while I got my shots. In between each shot the nurse kept having to tell me to stop shaking and relax…I admit, because I am laughing at myself right now, that being that nervous is ridiculous, but I am ridiculous when it comes to the doctor…I hate it!I looked the other way, hiding my eyes in Nick’s flight suit and digging my nails into his arms the entire time, but I did not pass out. However, had Nick not been there, and had I looked at the needles, it would have been a different story.

Afterwards, I got to pick out a sucker! I am like a five year old, I know, but it did make me feel better!

Now however, I am sore and hurting and scared to lift my arms. I was warned that tomorrow, I will wake up very sore…looking forward to it! Not!


  1. that is the cutest picture. poor baby!

  2. Aw friend! I'm glad you got it figured out! (But sad day that your arms are sore!)

  3. I am totally with you on the shots! I had to get a steroid shot in my shoulder once, and I fainted. Same thing with having blood drawn, although pregnancy helped that one a little bit. I don't cry anymore! =)

  4. Sorry about your shots! :( But I am sure it will all be worth the headache and hurting arms once you get to Japan! :) I miss hanging out with you! When do you officially go?

  5. Sorry Brittany but I am still laughing. I know the shots can hurt but you are hysterical in writing your story. You need to write books because it is like you take us with you into your events. I am like Nick is about getting shots so he comes by it honestly. I can just hear him teasing you. The picture is adorable.