Tuesday, April 20, 2010

GOD is GOOD All the time...

And ALL the time GOD is GOOD! (Those are the words my pastor in Norman would say as the congregation chimed in with him!)

I have to give a shout out to my Jesus! I just found out that I passed one of my Teacher Certification tests! WHOO HOO! This last month, all I have had to focus on is studying for the 3 certification tests that I have to take and pass in order to complete my teacher certification (that and get ready for the biggest move of my life to Japan…but really no big deal!) Well, I took the first test 3 weeks ago. It was a 5 hour, 4 part test and if I failed any of the 4 parts, then I would have to retake the entire exam. I didn’t find out my scores the day of the test and was told it would be 3-4 weeks before I got my results! The wait has been dreadful! Talk about anxiety!!! However, today the results were posted and….I PASSED!!!! Whew! That is a HUGE burden lifted from my life!

Last Friday I took the second test. That test was actually 4 separate tests, and if I failed one section then I only had to retake that section. Needless to say, the pressure for that one wasn’t as great. However, when I walked out of the testing center, the lady at the desk handed me 3 of the 4 tests’ “unofficial” scores (only unofficial because it needs to be sent to the state and put into the system before it can be “official.” Therefore to me, it counts!) and they all said I PASSED! The 4th test was an essay and therefore has to be graded by a panel of judges. I wont know whether or not I passed that one for a few weeks (not as worried about it). Nonetheless, I am floating on air, because now I know that I am more than half way finished with the tests!

This Friday (as in 3 days from now) I have my final test. (Prayers are much appreciated!!!) I am extremely nervous because I am not as prepared for this test as I was the other 3. It is on new information and very foreign to me. I am packing in as much info as I can, but I am praying that God will help me out on this one! I literally NEED to pass because we are moving and there is not time for me to re-take it before we leave Florida! Geez! I have set my self up for frustration I know, but I am hopeful because I did pass the other 2!

Despite my rush to study for this much-anticipated last test, I am thankful for the good news of my first test! I needed that boost of confidence! So I’ll say it again…

God is Good All the time, and All the time God is GOOD!!!

I hate posting without adding at least one picture...here are a few from Easter. Above is Nick and Beretta with her bunny (the bunny is her baby...to her it's Easter all the time)! The next picture is Nick looking for his hidden Easter eggs and B trying to help him find them. (Yes, Nick thinks he is still a kid and gets upset if the "Easter Bunny" doesn't hide eggs for him!) It is the cutest thing to watch...Beretta tries desperately to find the eggs before Nick does! She sniffs the air, looking under everything, on the hunt for whatever she can find!
Nick and I before Church!


  1. Friend! That really is the same dress I got for Easter too. How funny!

    And congrats on your test!!! Way to go you!

  2. Talked to your mom last weekend! Congratulations on passing all of your teacher certification exams! Now you are one of the many and the proud. Just waiting on Blake!