Sunday, November 14, 2010

Zip zip away...

Flying is not my friend....Period. I do not like to fly, and I get INCREDIBLY anxious and stressed when I have to get on a plane! Yes, this is truly not good for someone who lives overseas and has every intention of doing LOTS of traveling while over here!!! (It's also completely ironic that I get nervous on planes, considering my husband is a PILOT!!!)

Nonetheless, I just had to fly halfway around the world to be in my best friend's wedding. (No technically I didn't have to, but hey, I am a good friend and a promise is a promise! ;) Yes, I love you Jenna!) The trip was over 30 hours of flying in total...way too many hours on a plane for a girl who hates NO, I do NOT have any plans to do it again ANY time soon! (If you want to see me, come here...just saying....the invitations out there and all are welcome, but I am not getting back on a plane to fly back to the States for a long time!!!)

Since I don't have plans to go back to the States again in the near future, I made my rounds and saw lots and lots of family and friends!

I picked a good time to fly home, cause it just so happened my cousin's wedding was during the time I was in Texas!
All the cousins on my dad's side...
A true Texas wedding and beer!

God Bless America...oh how I had missed thee!
Daddy's girl...

Sarah, my best friend from high school...luckily I got to see her a lot while I was home! She got to be my date to both weddings while I was in Texas!!!
The bride and bridesmaids the day before the wedding at the bridal luncheon!
I made Jenna's "rehearsal bouquet" (the big white puffy thing she's holding)....a tradition where all the bows from the bride's showers are put together into a bouquet and carried at the rehearsal!

The happy bride and groom!
Elise, Jenna and I....we were roommates in college and they were bridesmaids in my wedding! Love love love these two girls!!!

Mother and mother-in-law of the bride with the girls!

Me and my mom just before the wedding!

The newly married Mr. and Mrs. Steve Harral!!!

Beautiful bride!
Steve and I making a toast on behalf of Nick's absence! (Steve was Nick's roommate in college and one of his fraternity brothers! It was a bummer he couldn't be at the wedding!)

My trip to Norman, Oklahoma was quick....

But, I got to see some of my favorite people and go to some of my favorite places while there!
Hudson and Garner are the two kids I nannied for during college!

A month without sushi is WAY too long, so I had to give in and get some "American sushi" while I was home! Ashleigh, one of my sorority sisters and good friend from college, took me to a fantastic sushi restaurant!

And of course, I spent LOTS of time with my niece Sloane!
You could say I played dress up with her...maybe I even went a little overboard! :)

Most of the time, she really didn't appreciate me taking her picture! Heehee... she's saying, "ok, that's enough Auntie Britty!"
Little Halloween gangsta Diva!

My sister and I even took her shopping! She needed more flair for her hair like her aunt B!!!

The last weekend I was home was Halloween...My brother was Justin Bieber and Sarah and I were "cold shoulder's"! (Yes we did find him a Justin shirt in the little girl's section of Walmart....and yes it was WAY too small!!!) much cuter than Justin Bieber!!!

My very last night in the States I spent the night at my cousin's house and went Trick-or-Treating with his 4 daughters! So fun!

Here are the 3 oldest girls....a devil, a cheerleader and a pink princess! The youngest is a baby, and she was Sweet Pea!
Waiting to say those 3 magic words...the words that mean "I want candy!"
The pink princess, a lot like her cousin Brittany...always posing for the camera....even from behind! Love it!

I had a great trip to the States...but as always, I was very glad to get back "home," even if that "home" is now halfway around the world in a foreign country called Japan!

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  1. You are too cute. And...your niece is getting HUGE! Crazy!