Friday, November 5, 2010

Beretta, I don't think we're in Texas anymore!!!

Hello! I am back! Long time no posts, I know....

Nick came home from deployment last time, long enough for us to: find a house, find out the military FINALLY found our household goods, move into our new house, and then POOF - my husband left in a puff of smoke within hours of the boxes and furniture being dropped off at our new residence! After that, I had exactly 3 weeks (by myself) to get our Japanese house looking like the Holman's home, before I had to leave to go back to the States to get our dog!

With the help of my good friend Sarah Geary, I did just that...and good thing for me, cause an unexpected early return of the carrier (which Nick was deployed on) meant he arrived back at our house just days before I did! (I didn't want him to come home to no wife AND a house full of boxes!!)

So Nick was deployed for 2 months, while I got our house situated, then flew half-way around the world to pick up the other member of our family: Beretta Grace!

While home I had two weddings to attend and LOTS of people to see! I made my way around the Great State, (Texas - as if that wasn't clear) and even popped up to Oklahoma for a few days. I was back in the States for over 3 weeks, but it felt like days with all the places I went and people I was so good to catch up, not only with all my favorite people, but also on all my favorite foods and shopping spots! Target, Hobby Lobby, Chick-fil-A, Sonic and any place that served Tex-Mex....I got my fill of food and shopping, cause Japan might be great, but Target they are lacking!

After a whirlwind trip, (with LOTS of vet visits and loads of paperwork for my poor dog) Beretta and I made the LONG trek back to Japan (first time for her)! With a prayer chain being said by many, she and I both arrived safely and Nick was there to greet us! The Holman family was finally reunited after over 6 months!!! So glad to be back in the Land of the Rising Sun with my poochaloo and hubby!

Beretta and I after over 24 hours of traveling...
sitting by our rental car right outside Narita Airport in Japan!

More pics to come from my trip in the States...

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  1. Yay Britt! This is so awesome. Glad you made it back to Japan safely!