Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Showering Vander

With only 8 more weeks to go, I am starting to "nest" as they say and slowly slow down my crazy traveling frenzy.  In the 7 months I've been pregnant, I have taken 7 big trips - Korea in January, Nagano in February, Kyoto in March, Thailand in May, Okinawa in June, Hong Kong in July and Hiroshima in August...with several side trips all over Japan in between.  These last two months however, I am trying to NOT go anywhere far and instead focus on getting things ready for the baby's arrival.

Two weeks ago I had not one, but TWO showers!  The best part was, my mom was in town and got to "attend" both!

One was an online shower hosted by my two aunts in Texas.  All my cousins got together and had a party complete with blue helicopter decorations and yummy blue themed food all in Vander's honor!  They showed me and my mom everything via the computer and opened Vander's presents while we watched through a computer screen from a million miles away!  Oh technology what would we do without you!?!?

 (Pardon my slouch, we were actually in a hotel and had been touring around Hiroshima all day...it was after midnight our time and this preggo girl was exhausted!!)
My adorable cousins all trying to get in the camera view to talk to me!  So cute!  They even choreographed dances to show me and all made Vander cards as well as the the shower decorations!

The second shower was held here in Japan and was hosted by two of my very best girlfriends.  My mom, a couple of my Japanese students and a few of my closest friends attended and it was very special.  (Thank you Rebekah and Sarah....you girls did a FABULOUS job!)
 The theme was Koi (Japanese fish) and blue and teal, which are the colors of Vander's nursery!

EVERYTHING was Koi themed...
They even made the drink bottles look like Koi....clever! (Orangina is my favorite drink these days...it's the only thing I drink besides water, and luckily for me, it's orange, so it fit the theme ;)

Gorgeous flower arrangement put together by my talented friend Mary!  
3 different flavors of cupcakes....my girlfriends know their audience!
 Yumi and Yuki (two of my Japanese students) had never been to a baby shower before...they don't have them here!  Who knew?  It was quite an experience for them to say the least.

 It wouldn't be a shower without a game...for my shower the girls created "Baby Shower Keno"!!!  LOVED IT!  Again, my girlfriends are super clever ;)
When someone won a round of Keno, they "went fishing" for their prize...

Every single detail of the shower was cleverly thought out and planned by my two amazing friends...it was perfect and I absolutely loved it!  Thanks again Rebekah and Sarah!
Ironically Nick's homecoming was the same day as my baby shower!  (He'd been deployed 5 months and was finally coming HOME) After showing him all the shower gifts, we opened up several packages I'd saved for him, (we'd received several in the mail from family and friends in the States) so he too could open up some of Vander's gifts....it was a "shower" of gifts all it's own!  (As you can tell, Beretta has been enjoying all the new things as well ;)

Nick and I have been very blessed by all the amazing shower gifts we have received for baby Vander.  He doesn't know it yet, but he is a VERY loved little boy!  Even being overseas, we have received tons of packages in the mail of precious baby items as well as necessities for him off of our registry!  We feel beyond lucky and are thankful for each and every present we've received!  Thank you, thank you for all who have sent gifts, cards, and words of love and encouragement.  We truly appreciate it all!

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