Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Day at Disney Sea

Where all dreams come true...and no matter what age you are, you're never too old to sport Mickey ears!

One of the things my sister Shae wanted to do during her visit to Japan was to go to Disney Sea.  Though it is similar to every other Disney theme park in the World, there's only ONE Disney Sea, and it's here in Japan!

Two of my girlfriends decided to join us on our day of Disney fun!  (Leslie and Rebekah, it wouldn't have been the same without you)

Disney Sea's only a little over an hour away from where I live.  There's a special train that takes you from the last real station to the park.  (With Mickey ear shaped windows and handles of course!)

Welcome to Disney!

It wouldn't be Disney in Japan without Mickey!  Though he spoke just like Mickey from the States - in his character's high-pitched mouse voice, it was in JAPANESE not English!  My sister about flipped when she first heard him speak!  (It's not what you expect when you grew up listening to Mickey Mouse speak English!)

Simply riding the rides at a theme park is for amateurs, "professionals" (as Rebekah called us) ride rides AND eat ALL 7 flavors of popcorn!  That's right, at Disney Sea, there is SEVEN flavors of popcorn!  
Everyone was sporting Mickey or Minney ears...about an hour into the day, we decided we needed them too!

Our first ride was the Aquatopia! (Surprisingly there's a lot of rides you can't ride when you are preggo...unfortunately these two pregnant sisters had to choose more kiddie rides that day!)

That globe bucket was what we put our popcorn I said, "professionals"!

It was a really windy day, but we didn't care...we had toasty popcorn to warm us up!!!

Disney Sea didn't have the boat ride, "It's a Small World" which has been my favorite since I was a kid, but it did have, "Sinbad's Storybook Voyage" boat ride which was very similar.  

Our favorite part of the park was the Mermaid's honestly all kiddie rides, but it's Ariel themed!  We stood in line for over an hour to watch an American dressed as Ariel, lip-sing in Japanese!  

Even on a Monday, during the school year, on a crappy weather day; Disney was PACKED!  We waited in long lines for everything!  We really wanted the turkey legs that one could smell clear from the opposite side of the park, but the line was several hours long.  Instead we dined at the New York Deli.  The "Mile High" lived up to it's name!  

Caramel, Strawberry, Black Pepper, Curry, Cranberry, Chocolate and lastly Milk Tea.  We succeeded in trying all 7 flavors and the verdict was that the Cranberrry was our favorite!  If ever at Disney Sea you should at least get the's "oishii"!  (But I recommend trying all of them)

Disney in Japan was just as good as Disney in America....if not better because of the popcorn ;) 
Glad I got to experience it with my sister and two of my best girl friends! 


  1. Thanks for listing out all the flavored popcorns :) I'm going this memorial day..hopefully its not as busy :(

  2. This would have been a fun post anyway, but the continuity of the popcorn throughout made it 'professional'!!! Ha ha. :) Miss y'all!! Professional Disney it!