Thursday, September 23, 2010

Oh Fall how I love thee....

Last night a few girls and I got together to sit and sip on hot fall-themed beverages (ie-apple cider and Wassil) and snack on fall-themed treats (caramel covered apples and pumpkin upside down pie, to name a couple). We shared each other's company while snuggled up in our scarfs (having ditched our rain boots at the front door, as is the Japanese way here in Japan). Fall had officially arrived and with it came the much anticipated chilly wind and rain! Ooooh, how I LOVE fall!

The season has changed, and so has life for the Holmans! Nick has deployed again and we have FINALLY moved into our Japanese house! Nick is working hard and getting used to life on the BIG carrier (he was on a MUCH smaller ship before). I am working everyday myself, as well as trying to get this house looking like a home before I leave to go back to the States in less than 2 weeks!

I will have pictures of the new house posted before I leave for the States! There is so much to do and I am doing it all without Nick's bare with me and I will have them up very soon!

One of my favorite Fall pictures with my favorite person...
(In Norman, Oklahoma on May of 2007, where Fall is always so gorgeous! I miss that place and that cute man right now!)

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