Thursday, June 5, 2014

Our Pumpkin Turned One

I had high hopes that after Vander was born I would be good at documenting his life.  I was NOT good at posting his milestones on the blog, but I DID photograph him almost everyday...I mean with a little pumpkin as cute as him, it was hard not too. :)
Born on October 31st 2012, our little pumpkin changed our world.

Vander Nicholas Holman

At 1 month, he hadn't learned to smile yet, but he sure brought smiles to us!
By month 2, he was more expressive and moving his hands a lot!
Big eyes and chubby cheeks!

Yeah for 4 months!  Happy Happy Van Man!
At 5 months we flew to America for the first time and Vander got to meet his cousin Keller.

By 6 months Vander was crawling...everywhere!!!
Taken days before our big move back to America, this is Vander's "Sayonara Japan" photo!
By month 8, he'd cut his top teeth and had started eating finger foods....thus our skinny man turned into a chubby boy! 
Clapping, chatting and NOT slowing down.
Month 10 we moved to San Diego and Van decided to start WALKING!!
Growing like a weed, especially his hair.  Month 11 = 1st hair cut
Whoohoo!  At 12 months the birthday boy could run, climb and play!

 Happy Happy little Pumpkin!!!

One is so much FUN!!!

This Halloween baby was spoiled on his birthday.  With 2 parties and a cake smash, he had more of his share of presents and cake :)
With every day he amazes us more.  He's such a happy boy, with a big personality and lots of energy.  We are fortunate to have him in our lives.  He's been the best blessing, one that we celebrate, not just on his birthday, but everyday :)